Sunday, June 3, 2007

The New Free World Incorporated

Welcome to the new Free World Incorporated. Your standard issue quasi-frequently update bloggerzine. Aside from making up new words, new columns will also be added. Such is our promise. But do remember, it's quasi-frequent, so, do not get your hopes up too much. Side stepping that caveat, I will take you to the crux of this soon-to-be phenomena. To your left you will see a little section entitled, and rightfully so, Channels. Clicking one of the links under the aforementioned title will take you to one of the aforementioned channels. What I did was link several blogs together in order to create a, oh here comes that word again, quasi-website, without the expense. It is also easy to update and easy to have others contribute to. Such were the variables that weighed into my decision. With that, I leave you to investigate this Free World. Oh, and no, we are not actually incorporated. Sorry.